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Nursing House


The Nursing House MA-REA-KYVELI is under the management of CHATZIGEORGIOU RESTING LTD company. Our Building Facilities are located at 1 William Shakespeare street, (Mackenzie Region) in Larnaca, near the sea. The elderly housing, MA-REA-KYVELI, is under our management by September 1st, 1999.

MA REA KYVELI is under the supervision of the Social Welfare Services. It can accommodate forty-eight (48) persons. It consists of thirty (30) rooms. Some of them can accommodate one person (single room) and other two persons (double room). We work with seventeen (17) persons as staff. Nurses, caretakers, cleaners and cook.

We have our own doctor who visits and examine our elderly once a week. We have cooperation with all of the specialties of doctors and also with physiotherapist, occupational therapist and chemical.

We offer high quality services and we almost work to the standards of a clinic.

On the nursing house we provide around the clock service where specialized nursing care needed. We handle all incidents regardless of their difficulty. Incidents like strokes, nasogastric tubes, gastrostomy, urinary catheters, sores etc. We have professionals trained in all circumstances. We have the experience and all means for sufficient treatment of each case.

In collaboration with our doctors we use intravenous fluids (serum), intravenous
medicine like antibiotics etc. whenever and wherever is appropriate. We take blood sampling and transfer of blood to a private lab to partner or the state lab if we have the government analyzes forms. We do systematically control of blood pressure and blood sugar.

We have cardiograph, lifepak, oximeter, suction, oxygen machines to provide 24-hour use of oxygen, neboulaiser engines (liquefied system air inhaled medicines like Atrovent, Ventolin, Flixotide etc.) for yearly asthma problems, shortness of breath, chronic lung disease etc.

We are on hold around the clock to support our elder people and to keep up their level of health. Their medicines are given by the staff (nurse) during the day, at the right times, in the correct dosage according to the instructions of the doctor.

Beds for the elderly are specialized, with medical back lifting. Can be used of protective railings. We also have airbed for preventing pressure ulcers in bedridden elderly. Our aim is their daily movement and transfer in wheelchairs.

For any information we are at your service during the day.

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